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A List of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels

Here’s a list of Las Vegas Wedding Chapels to help make planning your big day in Vegas a little easier. Whether you want to renew your vows in an intimate setting full of romance, have a commitment ceremony, or an over-the-top theme wedding, drive thru or even run thru wedding you’ll find exactly what you need at a chapel here in fabulous Las Vegas.

Keep in mind….

If you are planning your wedding for a day such as 12/12/12 or 01/01/13 or Valentines Day of any year, better make plans to reserve your date as soon as possible. Those dates are very in demand but don’t panic. Many chapels book every 30 minutes or so.

Services Offered

You’ll find help from any chapel on info regarding acquiring a license. All of the Las Vegas chapels offer lots of packages so finding one that fits your budget should be easy. They can provide photographers, flowers, video of the ceremony, witnesses, transportation from hotels and rentals of tuxedos and gowns. Another great idea that is available at most chapels is a live webcam of your ceremony. Have friends and family that aren’t here with you share your special day live!


Wedding Chapels in Las Vegas:


R – Offers reception facility. It can range from a small area for just cake and a toast to large enough for a sit-down dinner.

WC – Has webcam service available

E - Has Elvis theme wedding service available

DT – Has drive-thru wedding service available

OS – Has off-site services available; meaning they offer ceremonies at scenic locations such as the Grand Canyon, Red Rock, or even perform the ceremony in a helicopter as you fly over the “Strip”. It varies. Check for details.

C - Offers commitment ceremonies for gay and lesbian couples.


Allure Wedding Chapel –  R, WC, E, OS

A Little White Wedding Chapel – WC, E, DT, OS,

also offers a traditional Hawaiian ceremony. This chapel has performed more celebrity weddings than any other and been featured on numerous shows.

A Special Memory Wedding Chapel –  WC, E, DT, OS

A Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas – WC, E, OS

Belleza Wedding Chapel – WC, E, C

Also has Johnny Cash or Tim McGraw impersonators.

Chapel of the Bells – E, OS

Chapel of the Flowers – R, WC, E, OS,

Cosmopolitan’s Pop-Up Wedding Chapel – C

Unfortunately the Pop-Up Wedding Chapel is gone. It’s been replaced by a pop-up sports bar. That’s Vegas for you…always changing.

This is the newest chapel to hit the strip. Get married or do a faux ceremony with rubber wedding rings (they’re erasers) and just try on marriage for the evening and see how it goes. It’s at street level in the casino so passers-by can watch the fun. Use music from your ipod, get pictures from a photo booth, wedding cake on a stick, and bam….you’re married…..or not. You choose.

Cupid’s Chapel – R, WC, E, OS, C

also offers James Brown or Johnny Cash impersonators.

Graceland Wedding Chapel – WC, E,

Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel – WC, R, C

Kiss fans rejoice! If you’re looking for a Kiss theme wedding you’ll find no better place than the Hotter than Hell Wedding Chapel inside the Kiss Monster Mini Golf.

Mon Bel Ami – R, WC, E, C

Shalimar Wedding Chapel – WC, E, OS, C

The Little Church of the West – WC, E,

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel – R, WC, E, OS, C

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel has every theme wedding you can think of from pirates to “Star Trek”, western, “Rocky Horror”, Vampires, the 60’s, 50’s or pretty much anything you can dream up.

Wedding Bells Chapel – E, C

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