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Aah…Sweet Paris Las Vegas

I’m craving chocolate, but I also want a cocktail and the best place to go is the Chocolate Lounge at the Paris Las Vegas.

The Chocolate Lounge- Paris, Las Vega

The Paris Las Vegas has a lot more to offer than just a miniature Eiffle Tower and Parisian ambiance. The Chocolate Lounge inside the Sugar Factory at Paris has the best selection of chocolate martinis in town. The German Chocolate Cake Martini is my favorite. Not your style? Try one of these martinis instead; Caramel Macchiato, American Honey, Sexual Chocolate, Red Velvet, Smores, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch to name but a few.

Fondue You!

If a chocolate martini alone isn’t enough to satisfy your cocoa cravings order a chocolate fondue to go along with it. Each seat at the Chocolate Lounge bar in the Paris has its own burner for your fondue dipping pleasure. There’s a whole menu of fondue selections from the simple; Rocky Road to the sublime; Chocolate Gold. The Rocky Road fondue has premium milk chocolate with homemade marshmallows served with toasted walnuts, assorted dippers and toppings for $32 and serves two. The Chocolate Gold fondue has gold coated chocolate truffles, comes with a 2002 bottle of Dom Perignon, glass of Hardy d’Or 50 year Cognac, gift bag of hand made chocolates and macaroons and a giant two pound chocolate bar for $1,000 and serves six. Wow! Is Vegas the essence of “over the top” or what?! Check out the menu.

Sweet Pizza

Is there no end to what you can do with chocolate? Hot chocolate drinks, cold chocolate martinis, truffles, candies, fondues, and now pizza! The Caramel Custard Pizza at the Chocolate Lounge in the Paris Las Vegas is heaven on a pizza crust. It has custard, toasted candied hazelnuts, dark chocolate chunks, vanilla bean whipped cream and caramel sauce all on a pizza crust. There is also a Carolina Pecan Pie Pizza, and the Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Pizza, which has guess what? CHOCOLATE! The Chocolate lounge is the answer to what all chocoholics need and then some.


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