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Downtown Denny’s Wedding Wows

Nothing says trailer park trash like a wedding at Denny’s. That’s right. Now you and your fiance, Joe Dirt, can trim up those matching mullets and head to the Denny’s in Downtown Las Vegas to exchange wedding vows, make a toast and clink beer bottles followed by a slice of pancake wedding cake! I sh*t you not.

Denny’s Downtown Las Vegas

The new Las Vegas Denny’s is opening on Fremont Street and will be unlike any other Denny’s in the country. It’ll include a wedding chapel, photo booth and will serve alcohol. The decor? Over-the-top Las Vegas cliché, naturally. This new Denny’s will fit in nicely with all the cool and crazy things that are making Downtown such a popular destination. It’s located in Neonopolis with Drink and Drag, Heart Attack Grill, Insert Coin, Don’t Tell Mama and other uniquely wonderful neighbors close by .

All kidding aside…..almost


When my husband and I got married 24 years ago we had a very traditional east coast wedding. He was crazy for Ring Dings (me too) and I wanted to have a wedding cake made of Ring Dings and frosting. I didn’t do it and I still regret it. When it came time for the toast the Best Man, my husbands long time friend from childhood,  pulled two Yoohoos from his jacket, handed one to my husband and made the toast over what was their favorite drink growing up. It was so awesome! My point is that the reason people love to get married in Las Vegas is because they don’t want the same old cookie cutter wedding. You’ve got options galore. If Denny’s was the place you went on your first date, or maybe the Grand Slam is your favorite meal of all time, or Denny’s was the place you told your boyfriend you’re pregnant and your Dad’s going to kill him if he doesn’t marry you……..whatever. If it’s the right place for you then do it!!

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