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From Blah….to Bling!

You know that favorite team hat of yours that, let’s face it, looks just like everyone else’s? Call Darren Gibson to upgrade your team statement from a whisper to a SHOUT by adding some bling.

Darren Gibson

After seeing my best gal pal sporting a blinged out Yankee hat, I had to meet the man who made it for her….Darren Gibson.

Darren has been a Las Vegas resident  since moving here with family in 1987 from a little town called Newelton in northern Louisiana. Besides creating fabulous transformations of hats and other clothing items, Darren works in a local casino here in Vegas.

I asked Darren how he got started and he said he got his inspiration for “upgrading” hats from the 1992 movie Juice  starring Tupac Shakur. He had a Michigan State hat, played around with it by adding Swarovski Crystals, and then wore it everywhere. A guy he worked with loved it and offered to buy it from him and the next thing you know he’s got a home based business.

What Darren Makes

Using ONLY Swarovski Crystals (he says they have THE BEST sparkle) Darren skillfully embellishes hats, tees, jackets and more. You can give an old hat a fresh to death look, or start with something new and bump it up. Buy something already made by Darren if you like. His prices start at a very reasonable $20 to embellish an item and go up from there depending on the piece.

Guaranteed to get you noticed!

It’s amazing how much attention his work gets. Darren says he doesn’t need to advertise. All he does is wear one of his hats and people stop and ask “Where’d you get that hat? It’s awesome!”

You can reach Darren by calling (702) 336-4644 or by e-mail at

Check out CJ Watson, a very satisfied customer of Darren’s sporting a Bulls hat. He’s a former NBA point guard for the Chicago Bulls and is now going to play for the Brooklyn Nets. (Guess he’ll need a new hat)


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