Hangover Heaven – A Cure, not a Bar Name

I love a good entrepreneurial idea, and Hangover Heaven is a stroke of genius! There is nothing that can ruin your Las Vegas weekend plans faster than a raging hangover after a night of over enthusiastic Vegas style partying.

Don't be this guy. (photo courtesy chucknorrisatemybaby.com)

We locals see it all the time. Now, thanks to  Dr. Jason Burke, there’s a quick (approximately  45 minutes) and effective cure and it travels on wheels. Hangover Heaven has a traveling bus with everything they need on board. IV’s with the Doctors safe, special blend of fluids and vitamins. Prices start at $90 and they accept credit cards. (What about casino chips?) Just step into the Hangover Heaven bus and let the treatment begin. If you prefer they will come to your room for an additional fee. Be sure and put the number on speed dial for your visits to Las Vegas 702-900-0660. The Hangover Heaven Bus hits the streets starting April 14, 2012. Check their website for more info.

The thought of being cured of a hangover in about 45 minutes is so amazing, they should dress their staff in super hero costumes! Hangover here? No need to fear………It’s Super Doctor to the rescue! Cue the music…Waaaaaah. They need a catchy slogan. How about, “When your head is pounding from the night before, call Dr. Burke, he’s got the cure. Or a rap, “If you wake up wit your head in the bowl, dial nine zero zero 0h-6-6-0h. We’ll drop by your crib and fix you up fo’ sho’.       Ok. I know. I suck at rapping.


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