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Have You Heard the Latest News in Las Vegas

Have you heard the latest news in Las Vegas? Read on to find out what’s in, what’s out and what’s coming soon


The Erotic Heritage Museum is reopening

on June 7. If you haven’t been there yet, now is the time. It’s pretty cool and definitely different.

imagesKiss is Planning

to do a residency this fall at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Hershey opens flagship store….sweet!

Located at New York New York on the strip Hershey’s Chocolate world will give you a sweet reason to visit the Strip!

Cowabunga Bay Water Park to open

in Henderson this July 4th! Great. More places to cool off in summer is always a great idea.

Mama Mia is back in town..images-3

The award winning Broadway musical is now playing at the Trop.

THE Hotel is finally

going to change THE stupidest name of a hotel EVER to Delano this September.

Pure Closes…

for new partnership with the moguls from Hakkassan and will reopen after a major remodel in 2015.

Wranglers sitting out the season…

The Plaza backed out of it’s rooftop rink idea, but the Wrangler’s have come up with a new game plan that is being kept a secret for now. They will return for the 2015 -16 season and we’ll let you know where as soon as the info goes public.

New Life for the Erotic Heritage Museum!

Yep. It’s re-opening June 7 with a new owner, a remodel and a job offer to the notorious Monica Lewinsky to run the place for $100,000 a year with the donation of the infamous blue dress. Think she’ll accept?

O’Shea’s is back…O'Shea's

Yep. They’ve reopened after all the construction that is part of the Linq project. It’s a bit smaller, but still lots of fun. $5 Blackjack and plenty of beer pong, just like the original. Still one of the best places to be on St. Patty’s Day!

The Erotic Heritage Museum has closed!

Damn. This was such a cool place. Too bad they couldn’t get the funding to stay open. I wonder what’s to become of the giant penis made of pennies? That should be one fun auction!

Bally’s Sterling Brunch is GONE!!

Our favorite Sunday Brunch at Bally’s Steakhouse is closed. It’s going to make way for a new and improved (Las Vegas’ favorite phrase) steakhouse and revamped brunch at BLT Steak. Las Vegas locals will surely miss the Sterling Brunch.

The Wranglers have a new home!

Scratch that. The Plaza backed out.

We love hockey and I’m very happy to report that our Las Vegas Wranglers have found a new place to play since the ending of their contract with the Orlean’s Arena. They have a deal with the Plaza in beautiful Downtown Las Vegas and will play there starting next season. Yahoo!

So, what’s to become of the never opened yet and had a crappy sounding name for a hotel: Gansevoort that was formerly Bill’s……

Caesars Entertainment crushed the deal with their Mass. partner because of possible ties to Russian mob and now plan to open the newly refurbished hotel casino as The Cromwell and will still include Drai’s Day and Nightclub. Set to open May 26 on Memorial Day.

Grand Opening for Inspire Theater this February

The newly restored and refurbished Inspire Theater will not only have a over 150 seats, the building will also house a coffee shop, newstand, four bars and lots of places to grab some time on the laptop. It’s located on the corner of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd in the Fremont East District. Fabulous!!

photo courtesy

photo courtesy

Jacksons are coming to Vegas

Meatloaf isn’t the only one that’s interested in Rocktellz and Cocktails. Looks like Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon will do a 40 show stint at Planet Hollywood too. Sadly, I think all the audiences interests will be about Michael. We’ll see how this one turns out.

Meatloaf had such a great time….imgres-3

that he’s coming back! The very successful Rocktellz and Cocktails show at the Planet Hollywood made such a great impression on stage, screen and rock artist Meatloaf that he has signed on to do it again starting in February! The Rocktellz and Cocktails venue is an up close and personal way to not only hear an artist perform; it also gives the artist and audience the behind the scene stories told by the artist. Awesome!

imgres-2Wranglers need a new home!

Our very own minor league hockey team, theLas Vegas Wranglers have lost their contract with the Orlean’s Arena and are in need of a new place to puck around. I hope they find one. Love hockey!

Jubilee! is closing for a revamp on Jan 30jubilee

and expected to re-open better than ever sometime in March for the bargain price of about $65!!

imgres-1Katy Perry is going to roar….

at Planet Hollywood. She will be doing a show in the same theater as Britney Spears when Britney is on her down time between residency performances.

Pawn Star Fans…..images

If you’re of fan of the local reality show Pawn Stars, you’re going to love the new parody show Pawn Shop Live! scheduled to open at Downtown’s Golden Nugget Jan 21, 2014. Should be a lot of fun.

imagesNFR to leave Las Vegas!!

That’s going to really hurt Las Vegas. The National Finals Rodeo has been held in Las Vegas for the past 29 years! It is one of the biggest events held here and brings in millions of dollars in early December which would otherwise be one of the slower times of the year. The NFR is looking to move to Florida in 2015.

Garth Brooks is coming backspiderman

to the Wynn for six weekend performances that will be filmed. Starting on Memorial Day weekend. Tickets on sale now!

Spiderman to swing into Vegas!

It’s rumored that the successful Broadway musical Spiderman: TurnOff the Dark by U2’s Bono will spin it’s web here in Vegas sometime in 2015. No word yet as to exactly where.

No more bootie?!

Unfortunately there will be no more plundering of bootie by pirates on the strip. We’re very sorry to report that the Sirens show will be no more. Closed for good. It’ll be replaced by very boring retail shops and a pharmacy.

Liberace's piano photo courtesy

Liberace’s piano photo courtesy

Too Much of a Good Thing is Wonderful!

Of course it is. Those are words that Liberace lived by. See a pop-up exhibit at the Cosmopolitan that will feature some of the most opulent costumes and personal items that will dazzle and delight you. The man was way ahead of his time when it came to BLING! Check out the rhinestone piano and roadster!! On exhibit from Nov 25 through Jan 2.

Act Out!

The Act Nightclub at the Palazzo has closed abruptly last Saturday night due to trouble with it’s host, Las Vegas Sands Corporation. They decided that it was too risque. Unbelievable!! They had one of the hottest Industry Nights in town. This sucks!

Another Steakhouse?!

Just what this town needs…..Heritage Steakhouse by chef Tom Colicchio of Craft Steakhouse at the MGM, is open at the Mirage. We’ll let you know if it’s a winner.

The Goretorium is dead……

Another Las Vegas business bites the dust. Man, this town is tough. Our only year-round haunted house is closing during October, the peak season for gore. I blame it on A) a poor location and B) It was more creepy than scary.

The Cake Boss is here!!

Buddy Valastro of TLC’s Cake Boss has opened his first restaurant, Buddy V’s, here in Las Vegas at The Venetian! Lots of his families recipes that have been handed down from one generation to the next will be on the menu as well as amazing desserts. Can’t wait to try it!

New Concert Venue at the Cosmo



named the Chelsea and will have an avante guarde edge will open just before NYE and be christened by super-star Bruno Mars on Dec 29. Look for Mars to be the headliner there on NYE as well.

New Zipline to open in November

at the Rio Hotel and will run from one tower to the other and back again starting at the Voodoo Steakhouse on the 50th floor. Cost – $24.95 Weeeeeeeeeeee!

“Piece of Me”

is the new residency starring our favorite hot mess; Britney Spears at Planet Hollywood. Show starts 12/27/13. Tickets on sale now.

Cosmopolitan Sold!images-7

It’s being reported that the ever popular Cosmo has been sold to James Packer; son of the late Australian media giant Kerry Packer. The price tag? Approximately $3 billion. In case you’ve never heard of Kerry Packer; he was one of the biggest whales Las Vegas has ever seen. His gambling winnings and losses were so enormous it could change the quarterly reports of gaming giants such as MGM International. He was also very generous to hotel employees and was famous (locally) for leaving one of the most generous tips ever……he asked a cocktail server how much mortgage was left on her house and gave her enough to pay it off!! Nice man. Hope the son is a good guy too.

Gallery Nightclub Closes!

They didn’t even give the employees a heads up. Showed up for work and it was closed. Nice. No word on what’s to replace it yet.

Faith Hill & Tim McGrawfaith hill & tim mcgraw

are coming back to the Venetian for their Soul2Soul show. The show will resume starting in October.

Extreme Sports Complex Coming to the Strip?

It is if entrepreneur Josh Kearney has his way. He wants to build a sports park, Vegas Extreme that will include wakeboarding, motocross, ziplines, surfing and whitewater rafting. Hell yeah. Bring it on baby! Possibly coming in 2014.

What’s to become of Bill’s & Drai’s?images-6

You already know Bill’s is closed and has been under construction for some time. It will re-open early 2014 as Gansevoort Las Vegas, a boutique resort. Drai’s will return to the same location with an all new beach club and nightclub on the property’s rooftop. Great…..except for the name. Gansevoort? Really?

IHeart Radio Music Festival announces

the line up. This music spectacular is coming back to Vegas and is going to be bigger and better than before. Not only will you get to see live performances from some of musics most famous icons, (Elton John, Queen) you’ll see performances from many music genres. This year Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Keith Urban,  Chris Brown and more will be raising the roof! They’ve also added I Heart Radio Village which will be set up outside across from the Luxor with appearances by Avril Lavigne, The Wanted, Miley Cyrus and more. TICKETS GO ON SALE SATURDAY, JULY 20.

Rock Legends up close and personalimgres-5

at Planet Hollywood! Peep Show is coming to an end and in it’s place will be Rocktellz & Cocktails. “Think of it as “VH1 Storytellers” meets “Inside the Actors Studio” says producer Adam Steck. First show is scheduled for Sept. 26. This is a sure fire winner!

Ghostbar is getting a facelift

It’s closing it’s doors July 6th for a remodel and I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. We’ll let you know when the grand re-opening (some time in August) takes place.

Looks like it’s really going to happen…

MGM Resorts International and entertainment company AEG has announced that they will build a 20,000 seat indoor arena on the Strip between the New York New York and Monte Carlo resorts. Completion is expected by 2016. Just build it already!!

Terrible’s new name is Silver Sevens

The Terrible’s Casino is rebranding with a new name, a new look and some renovations. It’s now the Silver Sevens Hotel & Casino and the grand unveiling is July 1 -7. Let’s hope it’s lots better. Good Luck Silver Sevens!

More Chocolate…..imgres

is coming to Vegas this winter at the New York New York Hotel. Hershey’s is opening a flagship store that’ll have many a sweet treat for all to enjoy. You can never have too much chocolate!

Atomic Liquors Re-opens!

This is the oldest free standing bar in Las Vegas, now referred to as a “bar-seum”, located at 917 Fremont street. It opened in 1945 and patrons used to go out the roof and enjoy a cocktail while watching nuclear testing in the distance. Crazy!

Las Vegas’ #1 Dance Crew Finds a New




Jabbawockeez is starting an all new residency with an all new show at the Luxor. Opening performance May 18th!!! Don’t miss it. They’re amazing.

Game on!!!

It’s been announced that Game Works, which has closed on the strip, will find a new home at Town Square starting sometime in November of 2013. Another great addition to an already great place to be.

The 51’s are moving to Summerlin!!

It’s official! The Howard Hughes Corp has bought the franchise and will build a new stadium on land it owns in Summerlin near Red Rock on Charleston and the 215 Beltway. Buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack!! Won’t see the move until 2015.



Is there no limit to crazy ideas in this town?!

Opening this summer is Dinner in the Sky. A dining experience on a 7 ton table (with full amount of 22 guests and service help strapped on) hoisted up to 180 feet in the air. Don’t drop that fork!! Be sure and pee before hand. Ladies, be sure those slip on sandals don’t slip off. My opinion……this will never fly.

Speaking of rock icons……..THE STONES are coming to Vegas

for a stop during their latest tour on May 11. Better grab those tickets quick…..if you can afford them.

Motley Crue returns for another Las Vegas residency!

The Hard Rock Hotel is bringing the bad boys of rock back to what I’m sure will be another sold out residency at The Joint. Tickets are on sale now for show dates starting 9/18.

Looks like a showdown ….

between the opening of Hakkasan and Light Nightclub. Both clubs have announced their opening to be the same weekend!!

Most anticipated opening of the year….Hakkasan!

Grand opening weekend for this $100 million five story ultra club and restaurant at the MGM will be April 25 – 28 with super star DJ’s Steve Aoki, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris and Laidback Luke in the line-up. Told ya MGM is going to shake things up!

More closings…

Chef Michael Mina’s Nobhill Tavern at the MGM is down for the count. Closing at the end of March after almost 12 years. Tabu is also set to close at the MGM on April 6th. Looks like MGM is shaking things up.

Relocation is the talk for Rattle Can and

FIRST Food and Bar. Both restaurants are closed and are said to be relocating but we have no word on where just yet.

DAYLIGHT Beach Club by Light Group

will be the newest pool party to open this Memorial  Day weekend at Mandalay Bay. Let’s get wet!!

Here SHe comes…and there SHe goes…

Looks like SHe Nightclub has set a new Las Vegas record for the fastest to go out of business. Only open for a mere 2 months!! And they say New York is tough. Ha!

Pizza, is pizza unless…..

it’s pizza by James Beard award-winning chef Shawn McClain! The chef who brought us culinary magic at his restaurant Sage inside Aria is opening a new venue there; Five50 Pizza Bar that is sure to be a show stopper. Why pizza? Because he loves pizza!

James Beard award-winning chef Bradley Ogden

is back in Vegas. This time in the “burbs”. He’s set to open a casual dining restaurant, Hops & Harvest at Tivoli Village in the spot previously occupied by Bottles & Burgers. Great addition for us locals.

Drai’s at Bill’s is closed during renovations but

may find a temporary home at Bally’s. We’ll let you know.

Looks like we’re losing the ugly

Coyote Ugly at New York New York is rumored to be closing very shortly, although it has not been officially confirmed. Go to Hogs & Heifers Downtown instead. The original in New York is what inspired the movie.

It’s a Madhouse!!

Beacher’s Madhouse is coming back to Vegas and will be taking over the former location of “Crazy Horse Paris” at the MGM. If everything goes as planned they should open Memorial Day weekend with the usual unusual cast of wild and wonderful characters. Little people, exotic dancers and more antics will add to the madness.

Chinese New Year is almost here

and there’s lots of celebrations. The Bellagio Conservatory has it’s display of the year of the Snake in full swing. Feb 8 -10 you’ll find a Chinese New Year Downtown and a one day event in Las Vegas’ Chinatown on Feb 17

Human Nature, the Motown singing group from down under

is movin on up! They left the Imperial Palace, (ok it’s the Quad now) and are now performing at the Venetian. Great show.

Taylor Hicks, the hottie from American Idol

is moving from Bally’s Indigo Lounge, where he played to sold out crowds, to a larger venue at the Paris in the Napoleon Lounge.

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is back in Vegas

and is taking the place of The Range Steakhouse in Bally’s. Great spot with a terrific view and with Ruth’s Chris it’ll be much better quality steaks. Good move.

Ooops! She did it again…..and again

Britney Spears dumps fiance Jason Trawick, quits The X Factor and  is doing what everyone does after a big breakup…..heading to Vegas!! Britney has pen in hand and is about to sign a $100 MILLION a year deal with Caesars to do a residency performance. Move over Celine. There’s a new Diva in town. Ok. She doesn’t have Celine’s voice, but I bet she’ll put on one helluva sexy show! That’s the old news. In a recent update Caesars says they are NOT signing a deal with Britney. It’s rumored that they are afraid of a big fallout with customers because apparently Britney lip-syncs at her live performances. Stay tuned. I’m sure we’ll hear more on this. This just in: I knew we’d hear more. Now Britney’s agent is claiming they’re close to a deal with two different casinos in competition to sign her.

Hurry, hurry, hurry EDC fans!!!! Get presale tix 1/9/13

for the Electric Daisy Carnival starting at noon. General Admission is $289 VIP is $500 and they have a layaway option. The EDC will be back June 21-23. Go here to purchase.

Life is Beautiful….

is a new festival that’s coming to Downtown Las Vegas and will be a celebration of food, music, art and more. No exact date yet. Let’s hope it’s NOT IN THE FREAKIN SUMMER. We’ll get you the details.

The voice of the politically incorrect, Bill Maher

is to begin a residency at the Palms starting March 23. I’ve heard from several service industry people that he’s a total d#ck. How’s that for politically incorrect?

They’re baack…..

Those super hot & slutty hotties from the world of Adult Entertainment are back in Vegas for the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo at the Hard Rock Hotel from January 17-19. Go here for details and ticket info… naughty boys.

Boyz ll Men to Las Vegas

for a residency at the Mirage! The most successful male R&B group in history will be at the Mirage starting March 1. Too bad they won’t be here for Valentines Day. “I’ll Make Love To You” is still one of the best take me to the bedroom, wanna make me lose my panties song of all time!

Are you craving Krave?

While the gay community is looking forward to the much anticipated Krave Massive that is set to open March 18 Downtown, they will now be able to satisfy their “Kravings” at the Rio. Starting January 18 the club will bring the party to the Crown Theater and Nightclub every Friday and Saturday night. Text KRAVE to 313131 to recieve free cover and drink specials.

Las Vegas’ favorite dive finds a new home

at the Venetian. Yep the Rockhouse, formerly located in front of the Imperial Palace (now the Quad ), is relocating to the Venetian and will open in late January. Ride the mechanical bull, play pool or beer pong and have a rockin good time. Bottoms up!

Ya’ll like barbecue?

Then all ya’ll better make tracks to Downtown this weekend for the first ever BBQ Championships on Dec. 8, Saturday at noon. It’s being held under the Fremont Street Experience. Taste the best BBQ and vote for a winner.

Body English at the Hard Rock is making a

come-back at the end of December…..just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Scarlet, the new lounge at the Palms

is set to open some time in December. Francesco Lafranconi is the creator of the drink selections and is one the the most notable Mixologists in the world. Located on the casino floor next to Nine Steakhouse. It’s sexy. It’s intimate. It’s scarlet.

Cowabunga Bay and  Wet n Wild

are both opening this spring of 2013 with tons of great ways to beat the heat at these wonderful water parks. Read more about it here.

Bill’s Gamblin Hall is about to get a

a big facelift with lots of renovations, a roof-top pool and nightclub and a new name. No word on the new name, but we’ll keep you posted. Bill’s will close  in February and reopen in early 2014.

Already hip Downtown is about to get a little more ZIP

as in zipline. The already super popular zipline Downtown has gotten the OK to add an additional stretch of zipline that is being dubbed Slotzilla. Your take off point will be about 11 stories high from the inside of a ginormous slot machine. The  arm plunges, the reels spin and BAM…spits out the zipliners. Should be up and running by June 2013.

All Aboard…. the Party Train is making tracks

to Las Vegas from California. There’s been a lot of talk, but now it looks like this is finally going to happen. Not the uber-fast sonic train. This is just a regular train moving at regular speed with one exception. It’s a tricked out party train that’s more of a nightclub on tracks. Your party weekend to Vegas starts as soon as you leave the station!! There’s a fully stocked bar, two lounges and flat screen TV’s with recliners. The ride will be about 5 hours long. The cost? Only $99 each way ( no kids). Awesome!! Unfortunately it won’t be available until next year. The maiden voyage is expected to be New Year’s Eve of 2013. Read more here.

Downtown Denny’s is now open – Get bacon, eggs, and a side of wedding vows! What?

Nothing says trailer park trash like a wedding at Denny’s and now you can make all your redneck dreams come true. This sh&t be CRAY. Can’t wait to check it out. It also has a full bar so you can make a Miller Lite toast after the nuptuals.

The First Ever Nobu Hotel is taking reservations

and you better make one quickly if you want to check out Las Vegas’ newest upscale hotel experience. Celebrity Chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa’s Nobu restaurant is world famous and now, along with part owner Robert DeNiro are trying their hand at the hotel scene. I’m sure it’ll be a class act. As of this writing they’re already booked solid months in advance.

The Hard Rock does it again with Def Leppard

coming to do another rock star residency. Def Leppard’s residency will be titled “Viva Hysteria” and they will be performing their most popular album; Hysteria in it’s entirety. Of course they will be adding other songs as well. Keep Vegas rockin!!!

Congrats to one of our own

born and raised Las Vegas native Chef Robert Butler of the Paris Hotel!! He won the ultimate title at the World Food Championships on November 4, 2012.  This was the first year of the World Food Championship and Robert Butler did his city proud.

Hot dogs here! Get your hot dogs!

With all the fine dining culinary masterpiece restaurants available in Las Vegas……sometimes you just gotta have a hot dog. The newest best place to get one is at the newly opened American Coney Island located inside the D Hotel & Casino (formerly Fitzgeralds) on Fremont St. This is there first location outside of the original in Detroit and has been featured on Food Network’s Food Feuds and Food Wars. I guess you could say they’re Top Dog!!

The man’s on fire!

Chef Gordon Ramsay is set to open his two more restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip. Amazing accomplishment. The Pub & Grill is now open  at Caesars and the Gordon Ramsey BurgGR will open at Planet Hollywood on Dec. 22nd. Can’t wait to check out the Pub & Grill for an authentic English Pub experience. I also want to see the English punk-themed uniforms designed by Allison Leach (designer for costumes in Glee and Mad Men).

Another one bites the dust..

B.B. King’s Blues restaurant is the newest fatality in a city that is tough to survive in. If you can make it here, you can make anywhere….even in New York. So long B.B.! Closes Nov. 18, 2012.

New Dining Concept at the Wynn

The combination of nightclub and restaurant isn’t new to Las Vegas, ie Tao and Lavo, but it is new to the Wynn which will be adding a restaurant to Encore Beach Club/ Surrender Nightclub opening Dec 28. This new “vibe dining” experience will be called Andrea’s and will feature an exhibition kitchen with Asian style cuisine.

Rain, Rain go away…

and it is. Rain Nightclub at the Palms is closing and will undergo a multimillion dollar renovation. No word yet on what the new venue will be.

Garth Brooks Show to End

on Nov 17. It’s rumored he’s going to tour again. I love Garth but never saw his show. The ticket prices were RIDICULOUS and I felt he really screwed his fans with those prices. Apparently, his show did quite well in spite of my ban. Good luck Garth.

Zarkana will Open Nov 1

at the Aria in what was formerly the Cirque du Soleil Elvis theater. I’m not thrilled with the idea of another Cirque show but it’s got to be better than the Elvis show was.

Wet n Wild is coming back

Splash Canyon water park that was set to open last spring and then delayed is now on track to open in spring 2013 and will now be re-named Wet n Wild after our much missed original water park that closed some years ago.

Just in time for football season….

a new exhibit titled Score! has opened at the Luxor and will have all manner of sports memorabilia on display including Heisman Trophies and more.

A new nightclub?????

According to Robin Leach there is a whisper on the wind that Cirque du Soleil is going to partner with Light Group and open a new nightclub at Mandalay Bay in what was formerly Rum Jungle. That cocktail server audition is gonna be tough if you’re not already a circus performer. Maybe the USA girls olympic gymnast team might have a shot.

Everybody loves the 80’s

and to prove it there’s a new musical at Planet Hollywood inside the V Theater; Legwarmers.

Who’s taking over Nora’s spot in Summerlin?

Honey Salt! This new restaurant will be doing a casual American concept by Chef Kim Canteenwalla and his wife Elizabeth Blau and should open in October or November.

Las Vegas Halloween Parade

is back for the third year and will take place on Oct 31 Downtown. Go here for the details.

The Imperial Palace is getting a new name

after 33 years. Vegas years are like dog years. 33 years without implosion and the same name?! It’s positively ancient! With all the new projects going on around it, ie The Link, you knew there was an update on the horizon. The new name……drum roll….The Quad. Eh. Lots of interior and exterior changes in the works. It’ll be wonderful and long over due.

You know what Vegas needs?

More amazing restaurants!! Tetsu Tappan Grill is now open at Aria and features the culinary master works of Michelin 3 Star Chef Masa Takayama. Got to try it. Soon to open (this October) is Rattlecan at the Venetian with a temptation no meat eater can resist…..the BURGER. Add great beers, shots and a dining experience surrounded by a gallery of local art for something truly unconventional.

Rosemary’s is Making a Comeback!

Our beloved local restaurant Rosemary’s is planning to join the Las Vegas Shakespeare Company at the soon to be expanded and renovated Reed Whipple Cultural Center. Don’t make reservations yet. We’re looking at an opening some time in 2014.

The New Name is Going to be What?????

Beso Steakhouse, owned in part by Eva Longoria, has closed to revamp and will reopen on New Year’s Eve. The new name….She. They must have got this name from the same genius that came up with THE Hotel. Great.

It’s Finally Going to Happen….

The Las Vegas Neon Museum will have a visitors center that will open on October 27, 2012. Now you won’t have to make an appointment weeks in advance. Find out about tour times and ticket prices at

Get Behind the Scenes 411 on XS, Tryst, Surrender

and Encore Beach Club with the newly launched It’s really cool. has all kinds of info and interviews on the best DJ’s in the biz. You can sample the music, get tips and advice on table reservations, cabanas etc. Wynn is really on top of his game when it come to use of social media.

Guns N’ Roses

is doing a short residency at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Start date Oct 31 and will run until Nov. 24, 2012. Sweet.

What’s it been? A minute? Time for more change!

Yep. There’s more change a comin. The China Grill, Red Square and Red, White and Blue Restaurants at Mandalay Bay are all closing Nov. 18, 2012. China Grill Managements leases for those has been acquired by Light Group. Expect something new and improved. We’ll keep you posted.

Country fans rejoice! Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

are rumored to make the big announcement that they will soon be doing a residency at the Venetian. Yeee Haaa! Hope they don’t screw over their fans with ridiculous prices like Garth.

THE Hotel is finally getting rid of THE dumbest hotel

name in Las Vegas history. Looks like someone came to their senses and THE Hotel will be re-branded as the Delano Hotel and be renovated.

Caesars to open new buffet

that will rival the best buffets on the Strip early this September. Over 500 items and 9 open kitchens will bring a stampede of patrons to check out Bacchanal, the newest high quality buffet featuring classic favorites and lots of new surprises. House made smoked BBQ meats, Chinese dim sum and red velvet pancakes are just a few out of the ordinary delights that await us.

Brett Michaels on Fremont Street Aug 4

performing FREE on the 3rd Street Stage during the Fremont Street Experience’s Rock of Vegas summer concert series. Starts at 9pm. ROCK ON!!

Saving Downtown One Gay at a Time….

That’s the tag line for Massive Krave. The people at Krave, the only gay nightclub on the strip, want to relocate to Downtowns Neonopolis in the former 80,000 sq ft movie theater and create Massive Krave. It’ll be the largest Gay nightclub in the world! Massive Krave will have five unique dance rooms with a different musical vibe in each one, a lesbians only lounge, a pool with cabanas, comedy club (Tickled Pink) and more. Set to open in late December. It’ll make Vegas a great place to gay and play.

Bang, bang, bang

That’s what the strip is missing; a place where you can go and shoot some guns. Get your cowboy on and do a little wild west shoot em’ up. It very well may be coming soon. Berretta is requesting a permit to open a shooting range at the Palazzo.

Gordon Ramsay does it again!

Bradley Ogden in Caesars Palace is closing (sorry to see it go ) and will be replaced with TV’s super chef Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill which will open in late 2012.

Blue Man Group is moving and shaking!

How can you improve such a wild and creative show? Add an assembly-line robot, new instruments and do a virtual exploration of the brain of course!  Hmm. I wonder who’s brain. Last show at the Venetian is Sept 30. The new Blue Man Group show opens at the Monte Carlo on Oct. 10. Everybody loves Blue Man. Can’t wait to check out the new show.

Who Hasn’t Heard….

all the TALK, TALK, TALK about building a 20,000 seat stadium? There’s a proposal for a stadium in Henderson near the M Resort. There’s a proposal for one downtown and another proposal for a stadium behind the Imperial Palace. Make a decision already!! Vegas needs a stadium and a pro team. I vote for the Henderson location and I’d love to see a pro football team. Think of how many people would plan their Vegas vacation around the time their football team would be playing here. Awesome.

Beam me up Scottie!!

That’s right. The Star Trek Convention is coming back to the Rio this August 9th – 12th. Awesome!!

The Lineup for iHeartRadio 2012

Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Usher, Linkin Park, No Doubt, Brad Paisly, Green Day, Swedish House Mafia, Pitbull, Deadmau5, Miranda Lambert, Enrique Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Lil Wayne, Jason Aldean, Pink, Mary J. Blige, Calvin Harris & Shakira!!!! WOW! Tickets go on sale July 14. Prices from $71.25 to $633.00 plus handling fees. Date of show is Friday, September 21, 2012 and Saturday September 22, 2012. Go here for more info.

Cafe Heidelberg Closes After 40 Years in Vegas

First Rosemary’s, then Nora’s and now Cafe Heidelberg. Las Vegas is a tough town to make it in. Simpatico closed also. Never heard of it? Unlike the afore mentioned restaurants, it wasn’t worth talking about. Ba-bye.

What makes dining at STK even better?

Slicing into your steak dinner at STK in the Cosmopolitan with a jewel encrusted knife. They have a set of his and her steak knives worth a mere $27,000!! One knife is covered with 300 pink sapphires, the other is encrusted with diamonds. Sadly, the average guest will not be using these. They’ll be on hand for celebrities and high-rollers. Still……better check their bags on the way out.

Carlos Santana, Andre Agasi, Michael Mina

What do they have in common? There’s talk of a restaurant! Yep. Another new venture is in the works. That Carlos is into everything these days….shoes, purses, why not a restaurant with world-famous Chef Michael Mina?! Possibly to open at Mandalay Place. We’ll get back to you on when.

$1 Million Buy-in Poker Event!!

48 players are expected for this history making first ever million dollar buy-in no-limit Texas Hold’em event at the Rio for the largest prize in poker ever! It’s a three day event that start Sunday, July 1 and will end on Tuesday with the winner taking home more than $18 million and a champion bracelet. The participants are a regular who’s who of Las Vegas CEO’s and poker pros ie; Bobby Baldwin of MGM Resorts, Phil Ruffin owner of Treasure Island, Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Jonathan Duhamel, and more. That ought to be one helluva poker game.

Unbelievable Longshot!

There was an amazing streak at the Roulette Table at the Rio Hotel & Casino recently. The number 19 hit SEVEN TIMES IN A ROW!! The odds of hitting a number is 37 to 1. The odds of hitting the same number seven times in a row are 114,415,582,591 to 1. Personally, I think it was fixed.

Over $1,000,000 Donated

to Las Vegas families anonymously by a local casino owner to the United Way of Southern Nevada and was split among 2,000 Las Vegas families. What a wonderful gesture. Everyone’s guessing it was Steve Wynn.

Eva Longoria & George Lopez

will team up once again for a charity that Eva has supported for some time. Padres Contra el Cancer or Parents against Cancer, a foundation that is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Latino children fighting cancer. They put on a show stopping unwritten performance last year and we’re sure they’ll do it again. It’ll be at the Tropicana September 29, 2012.

Rumors, Rumors, Rumors

It’s rumored that more Broadway shows are making there way to the Strip. Namely, The Book of Mormon to replace Jersey Boys, (which is now at the Paris) at the Palazzo. What happened? Have they finally run out of Cirque du Soleil shows?!

Tony Bennett is Coming to Caesars

On Saturday September 1, 2012. Tony is such a classic. Who doesn’t love Tony?

The Stanley Cup winning L.A. Kings are in Vegas

and they’ve brought the Stanley Cup with them!! Great job guys. You kicked ass. The guys are partying all over town; Tao, Wet Republic and Hyde Lounge. No doubt you’ll see them over at the Palms as well.

Rock of Ages is Coming to the Venetian – Rock On

This long running hit Broadway Play that takes place in the 80’s and features some of the BEST CLASSIC ROCK EVER is not only coming to the Movie Theaters (starring Tom Cruise and Alex Baldwin) the stage production will be replacing Phantom this December at the Venetian. No exact date yet.

Phill Hellmuth Jr. Does it Again!

Yep, the “Poker Brat” won his TWELVETH World Series of Poker individual event championship bracelet!! He may be a brat at the table, and I hate to spoil his image but, he’s actually a sweetheart. Way to go Phill.

Shania Twain has added more shows!

Shania’s upcoming residency Shania: Still the One this December at Caesars Palace has been met with such great response from her fans that they’ve already decided to add 14 more shows. Tickets for the new shows will go on sale June 8, 2012 and can be purchased here.

Billboard Music Awards 2012

LIVE  at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. It’s gonna be one helluva night for music lovers. A gathering of the world’s greatest music artists on Sunday May 20. Get tickets now at or or call 800-745-3000.

Taylor Hicks of American Idol get Vegas Gig

at the Indigo Lounge at Bally’s from June 26 – August 21. He won AI in 2006 and was the oldest contestant to win. I hope he does great. Break a leg Taylor!!

The 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards

are coming back to  Vegas for the 5th year and are scheduled to happen on Thursday, Nov 15 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Bueno!!

Drink and Drag is Coming Downtown!

No, it’s not a legal get wasted and drag race down Fremont. It’s the first drag queen staffed bar and gaming venue. It’s way more than a bar. It’s the former location of Jillian’s in the Neonopolis and still has the bowling alleys and air hockey, etc. I hope they stay open late. Jillians always closed way too early. Grand Opening is Saturday, May 5th 2012.

A New Zipline in the Works

between the Excalibur and the Luxor. The plans have been submitted and they’re just waiting for the OK. Should be awesome. It’ll start at the Luxor…almost from the very top! Wweeeeeee. Bring it on.

Senor Frog’s

is coming to Treasure Island and have finally announced an opening date…..Cinco de Mayo of course!! That’s May 5th gringos. Can’t wait!!  Read here.

Dancing with the Stars is Coming to the Trop

Yep, starting April 14, 2012 the Tropicana will have an 80 minute live version of DWS at the Tropicana Theater.

It’s Coming Back!!!

The I Heart Radio Music Festival is coming back to Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena scheduled for September 21 – 22. Last year it was the biggest live concert in radio history and was an amazing success. No word on what the line-up will be yet. We’ll keep you posted.

 Race for the Cure

The Susan G Komen 17th annual Race for the Cure will take place Downtown Saturday, May 5, 2012 at the Fremont Street Experience. Registration is open online at Get your track shoes on and rrrun!

22nd Annual Aids Walk Las Vegas

will take place at the UNLV campus on April 15th and for the 11th consecutive year good guys, magicians and favorite locals Penn& Teller will be the Grand Marshalls. This is a terrific benefit to take part in.

Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational

golf tournament is set for March 29 – April 1 2012. Great charity event held at Shadow Creek Golf Course. One of the most exclusive courses in the country.

Extreme Thing 2012 March 31 Saturday

at Desert Breeze Park and has a line up of 20 bands that will play on 2 stages all day from 11:30am – 9:30pm and over 65 of the best PRO BMX dirt jumpers will be competing. If that’s not enough action step over to the ring for some pro wrestling. It’s EXTREME!! Check here for more info.

The Fitz – Another Renovation Downtown!

It’s hard to keep up with all the additions and renovations going on downtown and here’s the latest….the Fitzgerald’s Casino is undergoing a big renovation (about time) and will be renamed the D Las Vegas. Kinda catchy. Let’s go hang at the “D”.  They’re going to have a new bar called the long bar that’ll  be out front along Fremont and run the length of the hotel. Best part is that it’ll be a flare bar! It’ll be open during renovations and should be finished by fall 2012.

Zarkana to Replace Elvis Show at Aria

Another Le Cirque show. Oh goodie. This one had not so hot reviews in New York. It’s amazing to me that we are so close to LA and nobody can come up with an idea for a show that isn’t another freakin Le Cirque show?! C’mon! Get Billy Joel out here!

Vince Neil of Motley Crue to Open Strip Club

as in topless club NOT a nightclub on the Strip. He’s taking over what was formerly Deja Vu and turning it into a strip club that’s  gonna ROCK Las Vegas! Well at least it’s not another former rocker turned restaurant owner. That’s getting pretty cliche around here. Speaking of opening new restaurants……

Flavor Flav is Opening a Chicken Joint!

It was bound to happen. We’ve got rock stars and pop stars opening restaurants; it was only a matter of time before a rapper got in on the trend. But hey, Flav is such a cool down to earth guy and extremely well liked in Vegas (he’s a local). His place will be called Flavor Flav’s House of Flavor Restaurant and is opening on March 15, 2012 at 3333 S. Maryland Pkwy. Good luck man. I hope it’s a hit!

ROK Vegas nightclub at NY NY to close!

Yep, April 1 2012 will be the end. It’s going to reopen as a performance venue.

Cee Lo Green Show “Loberace” will Launch Aug 29

New Update: “loberace” is being postponed until sometime in 2013.

The ever talented and flamboyant Cee Lo Green is going to have a semi-permanent residency at Planet Hollywood and will be there through the end of 2012 with a show that’ll have show girls, magic and lots of Cee Lo style. Cee Lo and Vegas is like a hand in glove…..a long, shiny, hot pink satin glove with matching feather boa. Yeah baby.

Mike Tyson to have one-man show!

It’s all over the news that Mike Tyson is going to do a show in Las Vegas titled The Raw Truth at the MGM Grand April 13 – 18, 2012. Should be interesting. He’s had a colorful life. It’s working for Chaz Palminteri. Although I do think if they could talk Lindsay Lohan into doing a “True Confessions” style show they’d sell twice as many tickets…..especially if she brings photos. Ha!

The Playboy Club is Closing

this June and will part company with the Palms Hotel after a 6 year run. No word yet on what’s to replace it. Hey, it’s Vegas. Easy come, easy go.

Carlos Santana to Headline at Mandalay Bay

The legendary guitar player, Carlos Santana will be doing a two year gig at the House of Blues (leaving the Hard Rock). Carlos will do shows in May and June and then be back in September and his residency will run through 2013. Tickets go on sale March 3, 2012. A portion of each sale goes to Santana’s foundation which supports kid’s art, education and health. What? No restaurant?

Kiss Mini Golf in Las Vegas

in the way of a Kiss themed rockin, indoor, glow- in-the- dark, mini golf. The mini golf will open March 15 at The Shoppes at Harmon Square and will coincide with the anniversary of the band’s “Destroyer” album. It’s going to be loaded with Kiss memorabilia, party rooms for rent, a cafe, Wedding Chapel, DJ and a fan wall of photos. Sounds crazy. Sounds very Vegas.

Topshop/Topman – Flagship Store at Fashion Show Mall

on March 8, 2012. This British based company is full of trendy style and will be a welcome addition to the malling experience in Vegas. Lovely!

The Mob Museum is Open!

Go Downtown and check it out. Awesome. Read our review here. Open from Sunday – Thursday 10am – 7pm. Friday – Saturday 10am – 8pm. Tickets from $10 – $18.

Madonna’s Coming to Vegas

Her world tour starts May 29th and she is scheduled to appear at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Oct. 13 2012. Tickets go on sale Feb 27.

Splash Canyon Postpones Opening!!

It’s just been announced that the opening of the water park will not be until 2013. They are offering a really good deal to those who have already purchase season passes or you can get a refund. This sucks. We were really looking forward to going there this year.

The Beach Boys Good Vibration Restaurant

is opening  soon at Bally’s. What’s going on? Is this a new mandatory ritual by retired rockers? We’ve got Lynyrd Skynyrd’s new restaurant at the Excalibur, Kiss is opening a cafe, Jimmy Buffets got Margueritaville and a casino at the Flamingo and don’t forget Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina at the Miracle Mile Shops in Planet Hollywood. Wouldn’t you think at least one of these would be at the Hard Rock? Oh well…..rock on guys.

Caesars Palace Opens New Tower

The Octavius Tower is now open and has standard rooms with 550 sq ft of space including a sitting room, whirlpool tubs and direct access to the pool. Very upscale with a price to match. Weekday rates start at $249  a night.

The Chuck Jones Experience (think Bugs Bunny)

at Circus Circus will have its official grand opening on January 17. Chuck Jones is the legendary animator who brought to life some of animations most famous characters; Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Pepe Le Pew, Wile E. Coyote, and the TV version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. (still my favorite Christmas show) The Chuck Jones Experience is aprox 10,000 sq ft of exhibits that seeks to “Educate, Inspire & Entertain.”

Phantom of the Opera

at the Venetian has announced it will be giving their last performance Sept 2. Better go see it while you can.

Gordon Ramsay of TV show Hell’s Kitchen

is coming to Vegas! Gordon is opening a London themed Steak House at the Paris Hotel this spring. Sounds yummy!

Rod Stewart

opened his new show at Caesar’s Palace where he has signed on to perform 52 shows over the next two years.

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts

is opening March 10, 2012 featuring Broadway Shows, Concerts and Events and is located at 361 Symphony Park Avenue downtown. You can get great deals on season tickets now. Check out there calandar here.

 $550-million entertainment district – The Linq

called the Linq has been unveiled by Caesar’s Entertainment that will be an open air venue with bars, shops, restaurants and revamped casinos. It’s main attraction will be a 550 ft tall Ferris Wheel. Demolition for the site is in the works.

The Lady Luck

is finally going to undergo renovations and will be the Downtown Grand. This is good news for all of Downtown. It’ll have 11 restaurants, seven bars, 50,000 sq ft of casino space and 22,000 sq ft of retail space. The Downtown Grand is scheduled to open in September of 2013.


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