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Las Vegas Activities Now Include “Mile High Club”

There isn’t much you can’t do in Vegas. Las Vegas things to do run the gamut from riding a gondola, images-6indoor skydiving, spending $100,000 on a dinner for two, leaping off the ledge of a skyscraper, getting married on a pirate ship to going to Rock Camp and jamming with music legends. What else could anyone possibly think of that isn’t already offered Las Vegas? The Mile High Club!

For those of you that may not know what the Mile High Club is let me explain. You become a member by having sex on an airplane when it is in flight high above the ground (usually by sneaking into the airplane lavatory). Not the easiest accomplishment and not a very comfortable either.

Love Cloud is a new company that is making membership to the Mile High Club a lot more comfortable and a lot more fun! You can arrange to fly over Las Vegas in a private plane with an experienced pilot that will take you high into the clouds where you can act out your mile high fantasy. You’ll be nestled comfortably in the cabin area that offers total privacy and has been converted into a “love nest” complete with romantic music, cozy cushions, pillows and blankets so you can get your freak on when you’ve reached the optimum cruising altitude of 1 mile (5,280 ft) above Las Vegas.

Daytime flights will take you for a tour over the Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Lake Meade and the Las Vegas Strip. Nighttime flights do a continuous tour over the bright lights of the world famous Las Vegas Strip. We doubt you’ll even notice though!

Your flight ends with a Mile High Club VIP Certificate as a reminder of your adventure in the clouds. What a great way to start your honeymoon! Prices start at $799. See website for details.


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