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The Las Vegas Mob Museum is Open!

After lots of controversy and negativity regarding the millions of dollars spent on the “Mob Museum” it has finally opened this February 14th, 2012 which marks the 83rd anniversary of the infamous Valentines Day Massacre in Chicago.

The Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement

AKA The Mob Museum  is open and already a big success. I can tell you first hand that there is nothing about the museum that glorifies or romanticizes the members of organized crime families. It does present the history of organized crime in an enthralling and creative way. Three stories of memorabilia, photographs (many graphic), newspaper headlines, films and actual tapes of conversations obtained through FBI wire taps, tell the tale of how organized crime began, grew, thrived and lead to it’s eventual strong hold on Las Vegas gambling.

Equally interesting is the struggle of law enforcement to catch and convict mob members in a system rank with corrupt politicians and police officers. New agencies were created. The FBI and its “Untouchables” lead to the demise of Al Capone’s empire and wire tapping became one of law enforcements best weapons.

Don’t miss it!

We were really impressed with this exhibit. Located Downtown, The Mob Museum is assembled in an organized, innovative and captivating way that manages to hold your attention for hours. Be sure and allow for plenty of time when visiting this soon to be iconic Las Vegas attraction. Very reasonably priced at $18 for Adults and $12 for Children and Students. $14 for Seniors, Military, Law Enforcement, Teachers and Mob Members (just kidding, everyone knows crime don’t pay!). Locals get the bargain for $10 with valid ID.


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