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Las Vegas Nevada- Where NOT to go

Don’t waste time and money on bad food, bad shows, or boring venues when you visit Las Vegas Nevada.
Here’s the places to avoid.

Hash House a Go Go

Fried Chicken Benedict at Hash House. Does this appeal to anyone?

Keep go go going. Their slogan should be: If you’re fat and you want to stay fat, or aren’t fat and want to get fat; eat here. Their claim to fame is ridiculously big portions. Mediocre food is still mediocre no matter how big you make it. To add insult to injury, if you want to share a dish that no normal human could possibly finish….there’s an extra charge! Go to a buffet instead. It’ll be cheaper and better.

Batista’s Hole in the Wall

It should be called Batista’s Hole. It’s awful. This Italian restaurant has been around forever and is the biggest tourist trap in Las Vegas Nevada. I can’t imagine anyone eating here more than once. You get a salad or soup, all the “house” wine you can drink and a cappuccino for dessert. The salad was good, the garlic bread was good. I wish I could stop there. The wine was horrible and the entrees were sub-par and the cappuccino was a joke. It had no coffee flavor at all. It was like a hot chocolate  topped with whipped cream, not foamed milk and it ain’t cheap. The pasta dishes were $23.95 and entrees up to $32.95. Go to Tuscany Gardens instead. Now that’s Italian!

Golden Steer Steakhouse


This is another tourist trap. People go here because they want to experience “Old Vegas”. The Golden Steer isn’t old Vegas, it’s just old.

Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay

The Mandalay Bay has some wonderful restaurants. The Noodle Shop isn’t one of them. The food is completely lack lustre and the service was…..strange. All around us were tables that were only served half of the guests order. My food arrived, then two out of four at another table were served, and then half way through my meal, my husbands order showed up. Weird. My fortune cookie should’ve read; “Next time eat at Tao“.

Chris Angel “Believe” at the Luxor

courtesy of

Believe? I can’t believe this show is still on stage and I’m a Chris Angel fan! I’ve watched his “Mind Freak” TV show many times and bought the special “not open to the public yet” tickets. Chris, you should’ve stuck to TV. Any kid with a beginner magic kit could’ve performed better tricks. If you’re impressed with an exploding micro waved potato, and astonished as pigeons (ok they were doves, whatever) “magically” appear from the sleeve of a cape large enough to hide Shaq in, go see it. If not, go see Nathan Burton at the Saxe Theater in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. He’s 10 times the magician and the tickets are half the price (FREE if you check for coupons).

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Spending your money wisely is important, at home or on vacation. Time is valuable as well. Don’t waste either on mediocre shows, restaurants or hotels. Do some research and read independent reviews before parting with your money. Check our website for coupons, deals, and special offers, many on the places and shows we recommend.
























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