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Las Vegas Travel – Most Affordable

Las Vegas travel has been named the most affordable by TripAdvisor in it’s annual TripIndex.

Affordable Hotels

There is so much competition in Las Vegas for the tourist dollar that hotels are constantly offering deals on rooms; especially in the summer months. Las Vegas travel accommodations also runs the gamut from the lower end – just need a place to sleep type rooms, (The Quad, Riviera, Circus Circus)  to the most lavish lifestyle possible with in-room basketball courts, bowling alleys, pool, butler and private chef (The Palms). The sky’s the limit and even those extravagant  suites are more affordable than anywhere else. Check our articles for hotel deals on the Strip, near the Strip, Downtown hotel deals, and local hotel deals. Another way to save money is to choose a hotel that doesn’t charge a resort fee. Find a list of those hotels here. Another thing that drives up the price of hotels rooms are conventions. Check this website for scheduled conventions to avoid being in town during big conventions (numbers in the thousands). It can triple the room rates.

Food & Drink

You can spend $14 on a specialty cocktail easily in Las Vegas, but there are still many places where you can get $2 beers and what would we do in Las Vegas without the famous Yard Long drinks for $20? The buffets are still very popular and very affordable, especially for breakfast. More and more hotels have food courts available for quick, cheap eats or dine like royalty; there’s every option available. It’s what makes Las Vegas so fantastic. Read here for cheap places to drink. Read here for outstanding Happy Hour deals on drinks and food.


Las Vegas has always been known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World”. No matter what your entertainment preference is there is a show that’ll be perfect for you. Las Vegas has Broadway Shows ( Jersey Boys, Rock of Ages)) and many Cirque du Soleil productions (Ka, Mystere, Le Reve, “O”) that command ticket prices of over $100, but you can still find outstanding entertainment for little money to absolutely FREE if you know where to look and we do. Comedy Clubs in Las Vegas are another great way to have fun at bargain prices. Read here  and here for the best ways to find deals for shows, hotels and restaurants too.


Every casino in Las Vegas from the highest end hotels to the least expensive has penny and nickel slot and poker machines. You can still have the thrill of gambling without the big risk. Don’t forget drinks are complimentary when you are gambling. Be sure to sign up for a “Players Card” wherever you go to gamble. You will often get discounts on restaurants or free buffet passes for signing up and it costs nothing to join.


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