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Las Vegas Weather

With an average of over 300 days of sunshine annually, there’s a lot of good things to be said for Las Vegas weather.

Hot and Sunny!

Sunset in the Las Vegas Desert courtesy

Everyone knows it’s hot and sunny in Vegas. It’s a desert. Are you wondering how hot? It gets so frickin hot here in the summer, it’s not uncommon to have temperatures of 100 degrees at midnight!! How is that even possible?! From June -August the daytime temperatures average around 105 degrees and humidity about 24%, but can easily climb as high as 110 degrees or more. Once you hit 110 degrees, I don’t care how dry it is, that’s just too damn hot. Read here for a good laugh about our Las Vegas summer heat.

Hot Deals

The best part of summer time in Las Vegas is the red hot hotel deals you can get. Check here to see just how great.

Summer Nights

I’ve been living in Las Vegas for 15yrs and without a doubt, despite the heat during the day, my favorite thing about Las Vegas weather is the summer nights. I love to sit outside in the backyard with a cocktail and just relax with my husband or friends. It’s so pleasant because there’s virtually no mosquitoes, flies or gnats to bother you. It makes having a BBQ a pleasure.


Yep. We do get some rain. The average rainfall in Las Vegas is only 4.5 inches a year. The problem is it we can get half that much in one day which causes flash floods. The ground is so dry and hard it just can’t absorb the water and we end up with roads that look like rivers. If you are visiting Las Vegas when this happens, don’t drive or walk through a flooded roadway. You could easily get swept away. Save the gambling for the casinos. A little rain is just as dangerous as a lot of rain. Oil builds up on the roadways since we don’t get enough rain to wash it off. When it rains just a little the oil rises up and the streets become as dangerous as driving on ice. It can rain in one part of Las Vegas and be dry in another, so you could be driving and have no idea that you are about to hit a potentially dangerous stretch of road. Pay attention to forecasts of rain or drizzles and BE CAREFUL.

Not So Hot, But Still Sunny

In May and September the average highs are in the low 90’s. The humidity is at it’s lowest in May at around 18% but not bad in September either at around 27%. Believe it or not, Las Vegas weather in the 90’s is very tolerable especially in the shade. These two months are my favorite for summer daytime sports like golf or tennis.


December and January are the coldest months, but still not what I, originally a northeast coast girl, would call cold. It averages about mid 50’s in the winter. November and February are in the mid 60’s. The best thing about winter in Vegas is that there is plenty of snow. It’s up in the mountains that surround Las Vegas which is a valley. The beauty of it is this; I can walk outside my home and look towards the mountains and see the snow covered peaks, or take a 30 minute drive and play in the snow but I DON’T HAVE TO SHOVEL A SINGLE SNOW FLAKE!! Man, I love this town!!

The Windy City

Here’s something most people don’t know about Las Vegas weather. It can get so crazy windy that it rips trees right out of the ground. It happens quite often, and although I’ve never been to Chicago, “the windy city”, I bet we could give them a run for the money. It’s like a hurricane minus the rain. Wild!

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