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Las Vegas Wedding Kiss

A Las Vegas wedding kiss has a whole new meaning now that the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel is here.

Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel

Rock legends Kiss have opened a Monster Mini Golf center with a very Vegas wedding chapel inside. The Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel “stage” is modeled after the Kiss album cover for  Love Gun.

Rock & Roll Wedding

If your a Kiss fan and want to do an amazingly different wedding, the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel is it! Your invitations will be on concert tickets, instead of rose petals there are guitar picks, you’ll have fog machines, light and sound machines and wait until you see the wedding gowns you can rent. It’s off the hook!

The Ministers

Like it’s not crazy enough….you can choose from the Sinister Minister Gene Simmons look-a-like, Pastor Paul Paul Stanley look-a-like or my favorite the Gene Simmons MINI-ster, a “little person” in Gene Simmons gear. Hilarious. After the ceremony you can treat everyone to a game of mini golf. Crazy!

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