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Las Vegas Wedding Packages

Keep this list of Las Vegas wedding packages handy. You never know when that magical moment is going to happen. Picture this: It’s a perfect romantic setting and the Man-of-Your-Dreams gets down on one knee, pulls a diamond ring from his pocket, pops the question to which you tearfully reply, “Yes”. A microphone is shoved in your face and the camera man says, “You’ve just got engaged! Where do you want to go now?” and you answer, “Screw Disney. I want to go to Vegas!!” So, let’s have a look at some Las Vegas wedding packages.

To Elvis, or not to Elvis; The Themed Wedding

If you’re coming to Las Vegas to get married chances are you’re not looking for a traditional wedding. You would’ve done that back home. If it’s a themed wedding you want, you’ve got loads of choices and the best place to go is Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Some unique and unusual choices are being offered at Treasure Island and the Silverton as well.

Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel

At Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel there are more themed wedding choices than there are buffets in this town (almost). You can go “Western”, giddy-up cowboy, “Star Trek”, live long and prosper, Gangster, Beach Party, Disco, Camelot, Rock Star with impersonators of  legends like Jim Morrison, Steve Tyler and Janis Joplin. You can get your best leather jacket on and get married on a Harley. Go Broadway and get married by the Phantom of the Opera. And just when I thought it was impossible for Cirque Du Soleil to come up with any other venues to perform their flips and dips…..the folks at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel have created the Viva du Cirque Wedding Package! If you do decide to go Elvis, there are so many options Elvis has a separate category. There’s Blue Hawaiian Elvis, Hound Dog Elvis, and my personal favorite, Pink Cadillac Elvis who drives you into the chapel in a 1964 pink Caddie convertible. Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about. Viva also has a Liberace themed ceremony. I don’t get it. I thought we didn’t do Gay marriages in Vegas, (which is a shame in my opinion). Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel will accommodate almost any theme you can think of. Themed Wedding Packages available from $260- over $1,000 depending on how wild you want to get. Most packages include a free Internet Broadcast of your ceremony so your friends and family back home can take part in your special day.

Treasure Island- walk the plank

You could get a Pirate themed ceremony at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel, but there’s one thing they have at TI that the Chapel doesn’t; a Pirate Ship. Hey, you’re in Vegas. If you’re going to go theme, go big. That’s right mates. You can get married on the life-size Pirate Ship at Treasure Island. Hope you brought some bootie and a treasure chest of your own. Prices start at $3,000 Aarrh.

Silverton- under the sea

Remember Splash, with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hanna? Did you grow up watching the Little Mermaid and dreamed of being a mermaid? Well, now you can come out to the desert to get married underwater at the Silverton Hotel in a giant 117,000 gallon aquarium with fish and rays swimming beside you as you take your vows. Kind of an oxymoron huh? Mermaids as Bridesmaids provided upon request, no kidding.

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