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Planning Your Trip to Las Vegas

Think of planning your trip to Las Vegas as an insurance policy for a good time. Spend less time wondering where to go and more time enjoying yourself. Be flexible. Just because you have plans doesn’t mean you can’t change them. That craving you had for steak when you made reservations may have changed to sushi. Just call and cancel. Note: There can be restrictions on cancellations. Know what ones will apply to you.

When to Visit

If you’re on a budget, or just want to get the most bang for your buck, deciding when to visit Las Vegas is key. Summer months are typically the cheapest, but holiday weekends, may increase rates. Many hotels offer “Friends and Family” discounts to employees during the summer. If you know someone in Vegas, give them a shout and see if they can hook you up with a deal. Two weeks before Christmas is a bargin as well, it’s the slowest time of year in Las Vegas. Conventions, boxing, NFR, Super Bowl and other major sporting events effect prices, too. Check for convention dates to avoid higher room rates. Consider staying Downtown as an alternative to the strip. There’s a lot to do and see Downtown. The Golden Nugget is top notch and has all the amenities of a strip hotel. Main Street Station  is a good choice as well.

How to Book Your Trip to Las Vegas

Select 2-3 different dates for your trip to Las Vegas with arrival and departure options of weekend or weekday. Flexibility means a better chance of booking a great deal. You can select a hotel, go online and book or call and book direct, but you may get a better deal using a discount travel website. When you research prices, don’t just check for airfair alone, or rooms or car. Some packages that include airfare and hotel, or airfare, hotel, and car are CHEAPER THAN THE AIRFARE ALONE!! Check:,,,, or If there is a specific hotel that you have in mind, go to their website. Many hotels have a guarantee of the best price you can get online and offer air and hotel packages. Use our list of Las Vegas Hotels & Map of the Strip to help with your decision. Another potentially money saving fact is that some hotels DON’T CHARGE A RESORT FEE, which can easily save as much as $25 per night. To see which hotels don’t have the resort fee go here. You’ll also probably be surprised to know that there are actually Strip hotels that accept pets. Check here for that list.

What to Bring

These are the essentials for your trip to Las Vegas. Water water water. You’re in the desert. Stay hydrated; it helps with jet-lag too. Bring sunscreen, chap stick, moisturizer, sunglasses, hat (for guys) and walking shoes; no matter when you visit. The sun here is brutal. Don’t let a sunburn ruin your trip. If your trip to Las Vegas is in March-Oct add a bathing suit, sandals, and light jacket (it can feel chilly in the Casinos in the summer). Dark colors attract and hold the heat. Wear light colors outside (including driving in the car). Leave black, or navy colored shorts, tops, and golf shirts home or wear them at night. Winters in Las Vegas are mild. Pack long or short sleeve shirts, a medium weight jacket, pants or leggings (plus your essentials) and you’re set. Leave heavy, lined or insulated jackets and bulky sweaters home. If you plan on hitting the club scene, dress to impress. Ladies bring a tiny purse for the club and get a pair of those little fold up slippers you can put in your purse, you’ll love me for that bit of advice. Carry ID, some cash, room key and a credit card. Read here for the best way to get into nightclubs. Pack at least one outfit, dress/suit that you can wear if you do some fine dining.

Reservations, Show Tickets, & Tours

If there’s a show in Las Vegas your heart is set on, buy tickets in advance. If it’s playing at your hotel, ask if they offer guests a discount (they often do). If you’re flexible about what show to see look here for bargains. For a day at the spa, make arrangements early; they book up fast. Tee times are important to make ahead too. Go here for complete list of golf courses  and website links. If a helicopter tour is in your plans (I strongly recommend taking one) book that ahead as well. Make reservations for your favorite restaurant, especially if you’ll be in Vegas on a holiday weekend. Las Vegas has conventions year round, which can have a direct impact on availability as well. Almost all of your reservations can easily be made on line.

To make the most of your trip to Las Vegas it pays to plan ahead. You’ll save time, energy, and money, which means more quality vacation time and less worry. Do your homework. It’s worth it.

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