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Restaurants Las Vegas – The Prix Fixe Menu

There are hundreds of restaurants Las Vegas has to offer which means great selection and lots of competition. That’s good news for people traveling to Las Vegas that want to get the most for their money, as well as locals who want a great value.

The Prix Fixe Menu

The Prix Fixe menu is not a new concept in Las Vegas. It’s a menu (sometimes refered to as Pre-Theater Menu) that typically has a 3 course meal with limited selections for a discounted price. Some have restrictions on when it is available, such as 5pm – 7pm to encourage more business during slower hours. The trouble is that although many restaurants in Las Vegas offer a prix fixe menu they don’t advertise it. We’ve discovered several at some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and are here to spread the word about these money-saving offers. Keep in mind that menus and prices can change. There may be certain restrictions. For example some require that the entire table participate, so if your going out with friends be sure you’re all on the same page. Check the links for details.

Bradley Ogden – Caesars        

Great fine dining experience. They’re prix fixe menu is $65 per person. Definitely try the Twice Baked Maytag Blue Cheese Souffle as your first course. Delicious!

Payard Patisserie & Bistro – Caesars

The prix fixe menu isn’t listed on the web. It is a 3 course meal for  $42 per person and is a little unusual. You aren’t limited in your selections. Choose 1 from any appetizer, any entre and any dessert.

Aria at City Center

There are many prix fixe menus to choose from at Aria and the beauty of it is that they actually have a listing of all the restaurants that have these deals as well as additional offerings which may include wine pairings or show tickets. Lots of delicious values here.

Sensi – Bellagio

We love this restaurant. It’s so unique. The dining area is built around the “Exhibition” kitchen that has four cooking stations. The Nan bread is a must. The prix fixe 3 course menu at Sensi is $59 per person and has the option of a wine pairing for $86. The Crispy Shrimp appetizer is a wow. Great staff and great service  here.

Michael Mina – Bellagio – Vegetarian Tasting Menu

Vegetarian or Vegan menus are gaining popularity as restaurants are looking to gain an edge over the competition. Michael Mina’s is well-known for its delicious seafood dishes. They have tasting menus with optional wine pairings, but what surprised me was the Vegetarian Tasting Menu. It’s $68 per person for a 4 Course Tasting Menu with option of wine pairing for an additional $55.

Carnevino – The Palazzo

This 3 course deal at Carnevino is available before 6:30pm and after 9:30pm at a price of $65 per person. If you are seeing a show, present your tickets at Carnevino and the price for the 3 Course Menu is $57.

CUT – The Palazzo

This is another great option at the Palazzo. The 3 Course Pre-Theater Menu here is $75.

Aureole – Mandalay Bay

You will have many choices here with varying prices based on what dining area you would like and how many courses you choose; three or seven. This is one of the most impressive selections we’ve seen.


A Good Start

Our listing of Prix Fixe Menus should get you started for some terrific culinary delites at an excellent value. Check the menus, pick up your cell and start making reservations. Bon appetite!!



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