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Save Money on Las Vegas Shows & Restaurants

Here’s a list of great ways to save money on Las Vegas shows & restaurants while you’re visiting here in Las Vegas. Save money. Stay longer.

Check out      

You can go on the website or visit one of eleven locations around town (very convenient to almost any hotel). Shows and restaurants can be discounted for as much as 50%. You can even get on their mailing list and they offer mobile updates and promotions. This is a terrific source for stretching your vacation dollars. It’s great for locals too! You won’t find every show in Vegas on there list, but you will usually have a pretty good selection of some very good shows. Always worth a look.

Not only is this a good source to save money on Las Vegas shows & restaurants, they also offer discounts on shows in several major cities so bookmark this one if you do a lot of traveling.

This website gives you the option to purchase some tickets up to 60 days in advance! That’s worth a look. is another excellent place to go online and search for deals on shows, dining and events. It also is a great source for flight info and you can compare many discount sites at once, ie Orbitz, Travelocity etc. This is an excellent tool for travel.

This is another source for receiving big savings on everything from hotels, attractions, shows, movies, car rentals and museums. These discounts are offered only to employees of participating organizations and corporations. Ask about the program at work. If your place of employment isn’t signed up for the program, pass the info along to the Human Resources Department. Who knows? They might think it’s a great idea. We do.

This is a website that I recently learned about and it has some deals on shows that are very hard to find. Add this as a website to check for all your show ticket needs. If you’re a big traveler you’ll also find deals on shows in New York, London and Orlando. They may have discounts on sporting events and concerts too. Check them out.

This website is very useful for showing you all of the shows available, some reviews and various offers and discounts all in one place. Remember not all discounts are created equal, so search all your options before purchasing tickets.

This is another site to add your repertoire of places to find discounts. Shop and compare to get the best possible price. If you look at the show reviews keep in mind they seem to be random Yelp type reviews. Get opinions from a better source, such as here at

2for1Shows .com

This site looks like it’s devoted to shows at Planet Hollywood and the Miracle Mile Shops but hey, a dollar saved is a dollar saved so it’s worth a look and the shows are fairly inexpensive to begin with. Hitzville is great if you like the classic Motown sound.

Vegas Entertainment Card

Buy the card and get unlimited usage of the card for over 1 year. You’ll find discounts on EVERYTHING; hotels, golf, nightlife, attractions, shows, tours and even weddings. You can purchase the card online for only $39. Ironically, I saw it for purchase on (one of my favorite sites for savings) for only $19.

For More Ways to Save Go Here

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