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The Best Shows in Las Vegas….that won’t put your husband to sleep!

Ladies, if you’re traveling with your husband or boyfriend you need to know the best shows in Las Vegas that they won’t sleep through.Read on before you choose which show to see. You’ll thank me later (and so will your husband).

Jersey Boys at the Paris

Jersey Boys is my favorite show in Vegas (I’ve seen it twice). It’s moving from the Palazzo to the Paris and will open again on March 6th and is my top recommendation to take your man to. This Tony award winning musical is outstanding. It’s the story of Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons. Don’t know who they are? You don’t need to. Jersey Boys is a story of friendship, the struggle for success, family, heartache and fame. Yeah, it’s a musical and your thinking “My guy isn’t gonna go to a musical.” Fear not ladies. This one’s also got Joe Pesci (not in person), mobsters, young guys who are in and out of jail, gambling debts and enough curse words to make the average guy feel at home. That’s all he needs to know. You’ll both love it.

Defending the Caveman at Harrah’s

Defending the Caveman is the longest running solo play in Broadway history and has toured all over the world with huge success. It’s playing at Harrah’s now and is a terrific show to see as a couple. Defending the Caveman is a laugh-out-loud comedy that looks at the way men and women relate to each other. If you’ve ever yelled at your man for leaving the seat up you’re going to love this show. Lot’s of fun and VERY inexpensive. Get your caveman and go see it.

Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

Guys like magic. Guys like comedy. Guys like pretty women. Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic has it all. This very entertaining show is just so much fun it’s worth twice the price. Great magic tricks and illusions with big belly laughs during the comedy segments. You can’t go wrong with this pick.

Cirque du Soleil

Ok. You’re coming to Las Vegas and you have never seen a Cirque du Soleil production, and although you know your husband/boyfriend will probably hate it…. you’ve just GOT TO SEE ONE! I understand your dilema. There are some amazing Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas (Chris Angel’s Believe isn’t one of them) and with NINE Cirque du Soleil shows performing in Las Vegas in can be a tough decision. I can say with confidence that if you must take your man to one of them it should definitely be KA at the MGM. It’s full of action, adventure, warriors, battles and has some incredible acrobatics and staging. You’ll both be wowed.


I know there are guys out there that appreciate the “arts” and would be perfectly happy to go to any good show in Las Vegas, I’ve met a few. But seriously ladies if you’re thinking of going to see “O”, (a wonderful show) take my advice and give your guy a $100 in singles, drop him off at a strip club and go see it by yourself. You’ll both be happier that way.


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