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Wynn- First Las Vegas Casino with Non-sports Waggering

The Wynnhas announced that they have been approved by state regulators to be the first Las Vegas casino to take non-sports

Sports Book at Wynn

bets with the World Series of Poker main event as its first venue. Who will make it to the final table? The WSOP has become amazingly popular and providing a way for people to wager on the outcome is a no brainer. It’s going to be a big success.  I’m sure the rest of the Las Vegas Casinos will follow suit.

Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan?

Who will be the next big celebrity to get arrested? Charlie Sheen or Lindsay Lohan, and what are the odds? My guess is less than even money. These are the questions you might find yourself asking in the near future.


The WSOP is a great vehicle to do a “test drive”, but then what? Imagine all the crazy things you could wager on. Bet on your favorite singer on “American Idol”. Try and pick the winner of “The Biggest Loser” with side bets on the over/under for total pounds lost. How about “Who’s the real baby daddy?” on Jerry Springer. There’s also Survivor, Amazing Race, and Celebrity Rehab; who will be the first to drop out? Betting on award shows will get some attention too. Will Kanye behave? Will he try to upstage another Grammy winner? You never know. “And the Oscar goes to…….”. Let’s see…..Leonardo is even money but Brad Pitt is 3-1. Tough choice. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be wild.

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